Voting with Rubber Bands, Weights, and Strings


Click on a blue-outlined point to add a vote for the corresponding ranking. (ALT-click to remove a vote.)

After entering all the votes, determine the election outcome for the resulting profile by clicking on the red point to start the simulation. The red point will settle to an equilibrium position determined by the forces due to the voters, and will select one or more wedge regions. The rankings associated with those wedges are the winning rankings, and the top candidates (alternatives) for the winning rankings are the winning candidates.

Select “Mediancentre” or “Mean” via the buttons below the simulation to change between voting systems.

ALT-double-click the background of the simulation to clear it of all votes.

Click on the bar below the simulation window to open a control panel where you can change settings and perform other tasks.

Click the question mark in the lower left corner to get additional help on using the simulation.

Model:   Mean   Mediancentre
Color Scheme:

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